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About Northup Siding

Northup Siding began in 1987 when Bill Northup decided he no longer wanted to be a siding specialist for a larger company, a company that was more concerned with the speed at which jobs were finished than the quality of work that was done. So, Bill set out his plan to create the Northup Siding business we know today. In need of help for his few jobs, he asked his brother Mike Northup if he would like to work with him as he began his journey as a siding contractor and first time business owner. 

With Bill and Mike working alongside one another, Northup Siding began its journey with only two ladders, a scaffold, and a small array of power tools. For many years, Northup Siding continued their path the same way it began, with Bill and Mike slowly entering the siding world. After nearly two years, knowing they needed to increase their limited amount of tools, Bill and Mike split the check for the much needed equipment and became business partners and co-owners of Northup Siding.

Northup Siding has kept busy since then and gained the overall knowledge needed to become the most knowledgeable experts in the siding field. As they continued doing the highest quality business and customer focused work, they rapidly gained experience in siding installation, custom metal wrapping, window installation/replacement, soffit installation, fascia installation, and creating the best overall product for customers. Relying entirely on word of mouth as their sole form of advertisement since their debut in the Siding business, Northup Siding has relentlessly worked to create the strong customer relationship and work quality image that Bill envisioned when he decided to pave his own path.

Now, with the help of his son Ryan Northup and other various helpers, Bill is continuing to provide customers with the top notch service that has allowed him to create his own brand in the Siding business. So, if you have exterior home problems that need fixed, contact a siding business where the knowledgeable owners and immensely experienced workers are not only the ones offering a solution, but also the ones completing the work. Call Northup Siding today for a free estimate.


Our Team

Our team is made up of only 4 employees who all take pride, individually, in their work. Put your mind at ease when working with Northup Siding, whose employees have over 60+ years of combined siding experience. As a small-business, Northup Siding gives its customers a sense of reliability as the employees selling the product are also the ones installing it. So, you'll never deal with sales person who only wants to make a sale, regardless of how the product will actually look.

Our Team

Bill Northup

Owner and co-founder, Bill puts his name on the line every time he does business. Having worked in the exterior home improvement field for a whopping 35+ years, Bill uses his overall knowledge of products, the industry, and the tactics he has learned to provide customers with not only the best solutions, but ones that are gauranteed to work.

Ryan Northup

As a manager, Ryan uses his 10+ years of construction experience to create a product/service that is sure to meet the needs of clients. With an Associates degree in Construction Management, Ryan understands the science and regulations regarding the construction business.

Tom Northup

Tom is committed to providing clients quality housework throughout the installation process. You can trust that he will do his best to give you a superior product.

Quinn Brouillette

As a field specialist, Quinn brings his wide array of construction experience, including previous jobs in shingling, siding, and construction-based businesses, to the job everyday. With 5+ years of experience, Quinn understands the concepts and results that customers want.

Riley Northup

Raised in the siding business, Riley has installed siding and other services for Northup Siding for over 8 years. As a part time employee, Riley Northup helps establish the marketing and business development aspects of Northup Siding.

Mike Northup

Because of health-related problems, Mike is no longer employed at Northup Siding. His commitment, effort, and participation in growing and creating the company we are today, however, cannot be understated. 

Call Northup Siding Today!

Call us today at 308-571-0041 or fill out the form to receive a FREE estimate. Let our team make your home one you are proud of.

311 M St Saint Paul NE United States 68873

(308) 571-0041

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