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Why Choose Seamless Siding in Grand Island?

With summer approaching and tax season in full-swing, it is a great time to upgrade the siding on your home. However, if you begin looking at all the different products and siding styles available, you may become overwhelmed fairly quickly.

In this article, we are going to look at one of the highest-quality and longest-lasting types of siding product available, seamless siding.

If you would like to have the siding on your home replaced, contact the Grand Island seamless siding experts at Northup Siding. We would be happy to help you upgrade your home this year.

What is Seamless Siding?

Seamless siding is a form of steel or aluminum siding that is custom made to be placed on your specific home. Because each piece is tailor made for your house, you can make your home a true masterpiece by avoiding any seams in your siding product. Not only does this provide you with a quality appearance, it also protects your home from potential water problems associated with seams in traditional siding. Make your home stick out with seamless siding in Grand Island.

How Does it Differ from Traditional Siding?

Seamless siding is very similar to the steel and aluminum siding you can buy from siding manufacturers across the globe. However, seamless siding is custom made to perfectly match your home, eliminating seams.

How is this done? Unlike siding that is purchased from a manufacturer with precut pieces at 12 or 16 feet, seamless siding first begins as a large coil of aluminum or steel (whichever you prefer). The steel or aluminum is then sent through a custom commercial siding machine that bends the metal to your specifications. We can cut the piece to your home’s dimension and avoid seams.

What are the Pros of Seamless Siding?

Seamless siding has many distinct advantages over other similar siding products. Listed below are the three biggest advantages of seamless siding:

  • No Seams – Perhaps the biggest draw to seamless siding is its main characteristic – no seams. Make your home stick out in your neighborhood with the clean, crisp look seamless siding offers.

  • Fade Resistant – Nothing is more frustrating than having beautiful siding installed on your home only to have the color fade and appearance diminish soon after. This is a problem you don’t need to worry about with seamless siding. All of the seamless siding we install comes with a fade resistant warranty, so you can rely on your siding to last for dozens of years. No more avoiding dark colors because they will fade too quickly!

  • Style Options – We mentioned before how we can custom create seamless siding to perfectly fit your home. Well, we can also custom bend the siding into your desired style. We can offer seamless siding in vertical and horizontal formats, as well as different textures and lap sizes. With seamless siding in Grand Island, you can truly customize your home to match every one of your needs.

Contact Northup Siding

Take your home to the next level by installing seamless siding in Grand Island. You can count on our Grand Island seamless siding contractors to provide you with an exterior home solution you can be proud of. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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